Zimbabwe’s Main Opposition Leader, Health Status Gone Bad…Zim’s Tsvangirai

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Zimbabwe’s Main Opposition Leader, Health Status Gone Bad…Zim’s Tsvangirai

Harare – Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader and former prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, has been hospitalised in South Africa after his health deteriorated, a senior party official told AFP on Saturday.

A senior authority from  Zim Tsvangirai’s Development for Democratic Change (MDC) told AFP, talking on the state of obscurity.

“He is in South Africa by virtue of a medical reason and is been attended to by the Medicinal team.

“We are checking the circumstance. He will be fine, he was overpowered with work and his well-being disintegrated.”

The effort to reach MDC representative proved unsuccessful.

Tsvangirai, 65, reported a year ago that he was diagnosed with cancer and had started chemotherapy.

An Independent Daily, THE NEWS DAY said Tsvangirai was fleed to South Africa early Friday morning after he fell sick.

“He was on oxygen and drip and had been retching intensely,” the paper said in its report.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, 93, Tsvangirai’s opponent for over 10 years, frequently travels to Singapore, apparently for medicinal reasons.Details of his well-being have not been affirmed.

Tsvangirai’s supporters were riven by divisions when he struck a grieved four-year control imparting arrangement to Mugabe after savage and debated races in 2008.

The previous exchange union pioneer has frequently blamed Mugabe and his administration for apparatus surveys.

In 2008 Tsvangirai won 47.9% of the vote to Mugabe’s 43.2%, which prompted a run-off.

Yet, Tsvangirai hauled out before the last voting following an outbreak of violence against his supporters.

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