Update on $12m Fraud trial: CEO Obinwanne Okeke awaits grand jury indictment
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CEO Obinwanne Okeke Awaits Grand Jury Indictment

The latest about the Forbes’ celebrated Nigerian businessman Obinwanne Okeke, now in prison in the United States is that his case has been sent to a federal grand jury for a formal indictment for Business email Compromise (BEC) crimes.

That indictment will happen soon.

Recall that Obinwanne Okeke was arrested by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over a $12 million (N4.3bn) fraud.

He was arrested early in August on the last day of his trip to the United States for allegedly defrauding top American companies of huge sums.

Notably, he allegedly scammed $12m from a steel company by hacking into an executive’s office 365 account and sending an email with a fake invoice to the purchase department. His arrest came after Special Agent Marshall Ward of the FBI and the team he heads opened up an investigation in July 2018, following a petition by Unatrac Holding Limited.

After his arrest in Washington, the owner of Invictus Group, has appeared in federal court twice and remained in federal custody as of Monday.

During an Aug. 12 court hearing, the judge in the case noted that the matter is being sent to a federal grand jury for consideration for a formal indictment.

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