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It Takes Political Sagacity To Know Political Arithmetic…Chinwuba Okadigbo. (Refresh Memory)

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It Takes Political Sagacity To Know Political Arithmetic…Chinwuba Okadigbo. (Refresh Memory)

This is late Chinwuba Wilberforce Okikadigbo, known as Chuba Okadigbo in this part.

He was sometimes referred to as Oyi of Oyi in reference to the local government area where he came from.

He was and still remain one of the colourful Igbo politicians to grace the Nigerian political firmament.

One of the dreams I had as a child was to meet this man and tell him the influence he was in my life, unfortunately, death took him away before I became an adult.

An orator and one of the best brilliant mind of his generation.

Some of his quotes still linger in my mind years after his death, showing how large he loomed while he was alive.

After the ANPP primaries that saw Okadigbo emerged as Buhari‘s running mate, gentlemen of the press approached him to know why he decided to be Buhari’s running mate.

This is what he said: “It takes political sagacity to know political arithmetic”

Okadigbo was in the best position to know this fact. He read politics, taught politics, played politics and practised politics till he breathed his last.

Okadigbos dream was to see Igbos integrate into the mainstream Nigerian politics and this is the ideal he worked for all his life till the grim reaper came knocking.

One of the men that succeeded in putting my town Ogbunike in the global map. I remember with fondness the drama associated with missing mace while he was the Senate president.

There can only be one Chuba Okadigbo! Others are counterfeit, hence his shoes have been too big for younger politicians to fill.

Continue to RIp my hero! Your type comes once in a lifetime.




A day after campaigning in Kano State, He died in Abuja due to breathing problem; on September 25, 2003. Though, some people around Nigeria questioned whether or not the tear gas used during the rally was poisonous.

  • Chiwuba became a senate president after the impeachment of Evan Enwerem.
  • That he was appointed a special adviser to the then president Shehu Shaghari and was elected to the National Assembly (Anambra North).
  • He graduated from the university of Washington DC and was a lecture in Philosophy in the University of Nigeria, when he became the director for interdisciplinary and political studies.
  • In 2000, he was falsely charged with corruption, impeached and demoted to a senator.
  • He decided to decamp to ANPP.
  • Chiwuba was in the office from 1999- 2000 and was succeded by Pius Anyim.

The most important to me is not just all his political impart but the fact that DECEMBER born do GREAT things, he was born on December,17th 1941 and died on 25th September 2003.



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