MY STORY: I Am A Perfect Side Chick, Scared Of Loosing Him.

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MY STORY: I Am A Perfect Side Chick, Scared Of Loosing Him.

Indeed, I’m as of now a side chick! I never thought in a million years I would love another person however my association with my sugar daddy drove me to it.

I’ve dated my sugar daddy for very nearly five years, however during that time I was the just a single working.

A year ago I met a married man and he influenced me to see love in an unexpected way, he never made me feel like I’m the side chick.

He takes me out on dates, gets me lunch at work, calls me each knows how am doing, sends sweet messages and he generally asks how my child is getting along.

I think my baby daddy’s lack of interest is responsible for me finding love outside our relationship, because since I’ve started dating this married man I’ve realised my baby daddy is taking me for a ride.

I do everything for him: I take care of him, I buy him clothes, take him on holidays, etc. but he never has time for me. He always has time for his friends though When I visit his home we just get to know each other when he needs sex.

He was kidding about improving his situation so I chose to end up plainly a side chick. Being a side chick works for me in light of the fact that my wedded accomplice invests more energy with me than his better half.

Here and there I feel awful, however, if that’s where the love is then why not?

It’s been nearly a year since my sugar daddy and I have been as one. However, once in a while it gets lonely in light of the fact that I’ll need him but he must be with the family.

I’m at a point where I would prefer not to get hitched (married) on the grounds that I’m enjoying my beautiful life the way it is, or possibly I’m terrified I’ll see somebody who treats me badly.

I say side chicks are the happiest with married men.

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