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Shot 5 Times By My Brother, I Lost My Eye (Pictures)

Lost My Eye, After been Shot 5 Times By My Brother. (Pictures)

“In 2016, my brother shot me 5 times and I lost an eye as a result.

He was under the influence of alcohol when it happened and it was a bad period in his life.

Lost my eye after been shot by brother.

I was in the hospital for a while (in a comatose state for 2 weeks). I woke up feeling very depressed but I knew I had to move on from the incident.

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Losing my eye took a toll on my self image  but not anymore, I’m now a more social and more confident. I believe we were born with 3 eyes…our 2 eyes and a soul…so yeah, I still have 2 eyes left. Also, I used to have a lot of seizures but I rarely have them anymore.

He’s my brother but he’s family. I still love him and that will never change. When he was charged to court, I stood up for him.

He was facing 45 years in prison but ended up getting only 10 years. I still check up on him and look after him. I have found the strength to forgive him and I believe he’s now a changed person.




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