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Rivers State Gubernatorial Election 2019, The Potential  Candidates To Look Out For:

The portal to the 2019 Governorship campaign in Rivers State is still unopened; both at various party levels and at the INEC level.

There hasn’t been an official blast of the whistle yet, but indications of possible flag bearers and battlefront contenders are without doubt, manifest.

While His. Excellency, Governor Ezenwor Nyesom Wike will be on the struggle to retain his job, others within the prominent political party’s; APC and PDP will be on the field to take the job from him.

Major factors like the Governor’s strong grip on the entire PDP structure, might not provide the feasibility that should serve as an encouragement for yet to be seen PDP aspirants, but in the APC, the veil appears to be very transparent and the body statements too lucid.

Those within the APC who it appears are stepping up to audition for the job, include Senator of the Federal Republic representing the Rivers South East constituency of Rivers State, Senator Magnus Abe and the renowned business tycoon, philanthropist and Chairman of Platform Petroleum, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs, son of billionaire oil magnate and Chairman of Moni Pulo Petroleum Development Company, High Chief O.B. Lulu Briggs.

The two great men who are undoubtedly qualified for the job are currently members of a newly born political party that obviously is still on the assignment of consolidation but which had had the good fortune of major state and national victories within the four years of its formation.

The situation of the Rivers State chapter of the party appears to be very peculiar given her existence in a political environment that is hitherto the flash point of the 2015 political revolution that sacked the PDP at the National level.

It’s not a hidden fact that the current Governor of Rivers State was the henchman of the GEJ camp and the staunch adversary of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

This function which he diligently carried out was not without a prize; at least, not when the adventurer is steadily conscious of his ambitions and the worth of his sacrifices.

When PDP lost the Federal, Rivers State became a consolation prize that must be taken by all means.

The 2015 fight in Rivers State was not between party candidates; but a fight between inter-party powers.

Rotimi Amaechi understood this and tried so hard to throw his weight but couldn’t do that sufficiently for two reasons:

1. He had exhausted the most part of his strength on the national race.

2. There wasn’t a solid political structure based on competencies and true allegiance to the newly found philosophy of change. He merely relied on existing line of friendship and friendly promises.

The implication thereof is that there was really no party as it concerns APC in Rivers State.

As 2019 approaches, the leader of the party who is obviously deeply worried about the future of the state and the fate of APC members, is said to have made an earlier resolution of transforming APC Rivers State chapter into a strong political party by ensuring that party members are strategically positioned and that competent individuals are drawn into various leadership bodies of the party.

It is this consideration which later became the position of the party that defines the peculiarity of APC in Rivers State.

While candidates of other parties may defy timing and embark on a solo campaign APC must wait to consolidate.

Although Senator Magnus Abe has not made a definitive statement that he’s running for Governorship come 2019 but his supporters and Aides have unanimously made that declaration.

And because no one has debunked the Magnus for Governor campaign; it is hard to believe otherwise.

On the other hand, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has focused on the narrative of building the party to achieve the needed force, and reminding the people of how important 2019 is to the leader of the party himself.

He continues to sustain his confidence in the leadership of Amaechi and maintains that despite the strength of the party’s potential candidate, the party still needs Rotimi if it must make progress.

Dumo’s followers have also maintained this narrative of their principal and have restricted themselves to the job of showcasing the man and his good works to the people while wishing for him to decide to run and also waiting for the right time to change the narrative to “Dumo for Governor” to exist along side with the already declared maxim “Magnus for Governor”.

The coming weeks and months will see a flurry of activity as we near the party primaries.

Policy positions shall be released, and formal announcements shall be made.

The question is; in choosing her candidate, what will be the paramount concern of the party?

What will the party be looking out for in the candidates during the process of assessment?

Will the party be looking for a strong man or a humble man?

Well, only time shall tell.

Uche E. Woke
9th January, 2018.

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