REVEALED: Videos Of Ladies Proposing To Guys At ICM Were Staged/Comedy Skits.

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REVEALED: Videos Of Ladies Proposing To A Guys At ICM Were Staged/Comedy Skits.

Over the past few weeks, videos have emerged online where ladies were supposedly proposing to guys at Ikeja City Mall (ICM).

These videos sparked a lot of controversial conversations online, but the truth of the matter is that these videos were staged or what you call comedy skits.

The lady who proposed, the guy and the other lady who claimed the guy rejected the proposal because he was married were all interviewed at Wazobia by A Wazobia TV presenter by the name Sarah Etinosa Ehigiamuso, were they made this known.

A Wazobia TV presenter by name Sarah Etinosa Ehigiamusoe who interviewed them, shared photos after an interview where they revealed what really happened and wrote;

“Did you watch the video of the girl who proposed to her boyfriend who in turn rejected her proposal?
How many of you thought it was a joke?

Well, it was actually a skit…Not Real at all.

We had them on the Gudu Morning Naija show today to explain the reason behind such actions.

According to the guy @realmc_boki, he said he did it to raise awareness that there is absolutely nothing wrong if a woman proposes to a man and also nothing wrong generally as it surrounds “Proposal” to reject even if it’s in Public. “

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