Poverty Mixed With Religion, A Terrible Concoction – Man Shares His Experience

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Poverty Mixed With Religion, A Terrible Concoction – Man Shares His Experience

Poverty Mixed With Religion Is A Terrible Concoction – Man Shares His Experience

One thing I have come to realize as a Nigerian Christian is that the devil is more powerful over the poor people.

Against the rich, he is a weakling.

A poor Nigerian Christian will refuse to tell you when he is travelling by road for the fear one spirit not going to cause him accidents.


“Rich people” will announce their flight schedule online. Talk about the airline they took, talk about the delays and everything. Take photos in the plane and inform us about their safe landing.

They know no one can orchestrate an air mishap just by calling their name.

When a poor Nigeria Christian falls sick, the first thing he thinks is….its the attack of the devil. He will do abracadabra on top the issue and when he dies because of lack of good healthcare or a quick service, it will be said
God gives.

The rich person first response is to call the family doctor and report to the hospital. They will seek the best healthcare available and get well and the poor man who believes sickness is an attack will join them for Thanksgiving

The poor Nigerian Christian believes if her neighbours know her date of delivery, either she dies or the baby dies. Asking her how many months pregnant she is carrying will qualify you to be a monitoring spirit. From the moment the tummy starts getting bigger, she must take absolute precautions against known and unknown forces.

But you see the “Rich people”….they gladly announce their wife’s pregnancy. They will tell the world when she is due for delivery and we will be anticipating.

Remind me again who demonic spirits against safe delivery are when she is provided quality health care. The issue of mother and child coming out alive and healthy has already been settled decades ago.

The poor Nigerian Christian needs to anoint the child’s head every morning as he/she goes to school. It’s a shield against evil people who will touch the child’s head and spiritually mess with his/her brain. He/she is attending a school with teachers whose computer literacy consists only of using MS Word and they have been using the same lesson note for the past 11years.

“Rich people” send their kids to the school that doesn’t even hold morning prayers. Their curriculum meets the global standard and they understand every child has specific learning abilities.


They know touching a child’s head can’t tamper with his/her IQ.

It’s still the poor Nigerian Christian that will buy stickers and paste on their door believing it will ward off evil and armed robbers. Cast and bind every unidentified flying object at midnight.

The rich people will build a fence with electric wire on top, a guard armed with a short gun and fully air-conditioned apartment.

That protects them from both physical and spiritual attacks.

When demons come close at night, they admire his or her apartment, the admire their success…..violently shake their head and walk past to torment the poor man’s sleep.

Poverty mixed with religion is a terrible concoction.

Credit: Chijioke Anyacho

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