Over 8million Brits Admit To Showering Just Once A Week

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Over 8million Brits Admit To Showering Just Once A Week

Survey reveals personal hygiene habits

8.4 MILLION people in Britain feel it’s only necessary to shower once a week, according to new research.

14% of Brits confessed to showering just once a week according to a survey by bathroom specialists, Better Bathrooms, whilst 51% say they shower daily, and 4% do so twice a day.

Over a fifth (21%) shower every other day, however almost one in ten (8%) never take a shower, opting instead to take a bath, citing relaxation as the top reason.

Often thought of as the not-so-fair sex, the men surveyed are most likely to shower daily (68%), with women to doing so less frequently preferring a relaxing bath (53%).

Men seem to be the speedier sex too with their average shower lasting seven minutes versus 13 minutes for women.

Longer shower sessions are most popular amongst the younger age demographics, with those aged 18-24 most likely to spend more than 20 minutes behind the shower curtain, while those aged 45-54 have the quickest showers, taking just eight minutes on average.

More than a third (37%) of Brits confess to singing in the shower to let off steam, while 20% prefer to let the professionals do the work and opt to listen to music on a speaker while they wash.

Lee Glenister, Head of Marketing for Better Bathrooms commented:

“It’s surprising to see such a large number of Britons shower just once a week. It’s also interesting that the older demographics take less time in the shower, which may suggest they view it as more of a necessary facet of their lives rather than a relaxing experience.

“Delving into the hygiene habits of the UK is interesting as it allows us to get a better understanding of how Britons use their bathrooms and for how long. Whether it is showering or bathing, keeping clean and fresh is paramount, you don’t need us to tell you to wash behind your ears.”

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