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Ike Ekweremmadu Deserves Disgrace

Nigeria Popular facebook blogger, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu has taken it upon himself to despise the greed and selfishness of our political leaders and have shown his support toward the ill treatment given to Ike Ekweremmadu.

He wrote:

“Nigeria’s political elites are wicked and the reason why the country is a backward third world country.

The disgraceful treatment melted to Ekweremmadu is deserving and I hope that the noble conduct is sustained going forward.

You can’t tell me for example, why Lagos is not working but Kigali is working. Lagos is richer and has a bigger economy than Rwanda but Kigali is more developed than Lagos.

Ike Ekweremmadu Deserves Disgrace
Ike Ekweremmadu Deserves Disgrace

Kigali is neater and does not have a pothole on any of the roads in that city for a start.

Lagos is a slum that is not working and the political leaders behind the stagnation, poverty and backwardness of this city in the past 20 years deserve the beating and the humiliation that Ekweremmadu received yesterday.

That treatment Ekweremadu got is what Nigerian leaders including Buhari deserve whenever they go abroad.

Nigerians in diaspora take note, there are no hired guns, DSS and motorcades to protect them there, let the eggs and the slapping rain!

IPOB has set the standard, I hope it is sustained.

Nigerians deserve better from their country and we must get this sense by force”.

We recall the former Deputy Senate President was beaten out of an event in Nuremberg, Germany.

In a video that is going viral on social media, Ekweremadu was seen running away towards his car, away from some men who were attacking him. He was finally able to get into his car and was driven away.

In another video, a man eventually revealed that they are members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and ready to hunt down ‘corrupt Nigerian’ leaders whenever they arrive Western countries.

One of the attackers could be heard saying: “Imagine, people are dying on a daily basis, people are wailing on a daily basis, and you are here enjoying.”


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