Mysterious Travellers crops circle of Game Of Thrones in Dorset

The circle in Game of Throne
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Mysterious Travellers crops circle of Game Of Thrones in Dorset

Mysterious Travellers crops circle of Game Of Thrones in Dorset

Mysterious travellers visited the English countryside and left behind the biggest crop circle of the year so far – near the Cerne Abbas Giant.

The giant circle cropped up in a field just yards from the historic hill figure, which is famous around the world for its mighty penis.


The giant circle, which is thought to have a radius of 36ft – the same length as the Cerne Abbas Giant’s penis – and is set out like the points on a compass.

The circle in Game of Thrones

In the centre of the formation is a seven-pointed star, which is the name of a holy text in smash hit fantasy series Game of Thrones.

The strange pattern was spotted over the weekend near Cerne Abbas in Dorset

Matthew Williams, a crop circle expert from Wiltshire, reckons this is one of the most intricate circles he has seen in a while.

He said: “This is a great formation – the amount of work that went into it is immense.

It’s geometrically perfect. And the Roman key design around the outside is stunning.

I didn’t realise that a seven-pointed star was of importance in Game of Thrones.

I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever made the formation knew that though.

The circles are so precisely engineered, it’s hard to fathom that they might not have been created by machines

“I don’t know who left it there, but whoever did definitely had some time on their hands.”

The 300-year-old Cerne Abbas Giant is carved into the hill, and has been designated a scheduled monument of England and is owned by the National Trust.

































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