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Man Narrates How He Woke Up Without An Eyebrow.

A Facebook user, Ezinwa Nlewedim have shared a touching story of how his eyebrow was shaved.

When I was younger I used to watch my dad shave and I wondered how the stick got rid of all the hair on his face.

Anyway, my curiousity got the better of me one evening and I took a stick from the pack, locked myself in my room and shaved off my right eyebrow (didnt realize it because i wasn’t even looking at the mirror).

After that I took the shaving adventure to the back of my head and took off some hair there too, when I realized what I have done, i went to the backyard and threw all the hair away as well as the shaving stick and forgot all about it.

Next morning, got up for breakfast, went into the kitchen and my mom(Amara) asked me to hand her a spoon of salt, as i walked past her, she grabbed me and shouted Obara jisos! “bia Ezinwa! what happened to your hair”?, before I could answer her, she yelled

“Ezinwa asim who shaved off your eyebrow”?,…oh boy! fear no gree me talk, before I could say or explain, my mum had screamed the house down,

“yeee! Bianu oo!!! they have gone and shaved my son’s hair off in the middle of the night, everybody come and see ooo!!!”, i didnt know if I’m to talk, explain or keep quiet, I just started crying.

My mum thinking that I am crying because of the mysterious person that shaved my hair, now became even louder, next thing, she started speaking in igbo language, directing everything to our neighbor whom we were not in good terms with.

She started throwing accusations all over the place. see wahala that day, my dad tried to calm people down, my mum had started rollng on the floor and creating a scene and our neighbor was explaining to anyone who cared to listen that she knows nothing about the missing hair, on my own part I increased the crying and the compound was completely on fire!

Till this day i haven’t told my mum the truth, can’t bring myself to accept I caused the biggest trouble in my family history, i still think about it and laugh tho.


Man narrates how he woke up without an eyebrow

I told my younger brother about it a while ago and made him promise never to tell anyone, he shake his head and called me an “evil child”

Don’t be too fast to lay accusations!

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