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Linda Ikeji debunks fake pregnancy rumor , with lovely nude baby bump photo

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Linda Ikeji debunks fake pregnancy rumor , with lovely nude baby bump photo

Linda Ikeji debunks fake pregnancy rumor, throws stones on her rivals who said that her pregnancy is fake and criticised her for speaking on celibacy.

Earlier today, she made a post of her nude baby bump photo, it is no longer news that the popular blogger is pregnant but news that her fans are yet to know the man behind her happiness in this pregnancy journey but in her statement Lindaikeji said she is not ready to expose the man of her dream to the internet.

Lindaikeji Baby Bump Photo

With regards to CELIBACY, Linda said she remained a celibate until she met the man of her dream and was never of the opinion that girls shouldn’t have sex but from the view of the fact that they don’t need to sell their body in exchange for money.

In her post, she took her fans down to how she was able to hide her pregnancy, according to Linda, she has received calls and messages from friends and fans who have been on her neck as to how she has managed to hold on to the trolls at her since her pregnancy news.

she wrote:

So, a few friends have been calling me, asking me how I’m holding up with all the trolling on the internet since I announced my pregnancy.

I kind of felt bad for them because they were worrying over something I wasn’t. I’ve been on the internet for nearly 12 years now, I’ve made money, I’ve met amazing people, I’ve written about folks and stepped on toes (mostly of course, unknowingly…lol).

So when people troll me, that’s fine. It’s called Karma. Lol. Fortunately it doesn’t get to me. There’s nothing I haven’t been called on the internet, and it will never stop because this is where I plan to do business for the rest of my life! So we all are stuck together. I’m not going anywhere…lol.

So let’s address some issues…and the reason why I bother is for the young girls who look up to me. I owe you and will always speak to help you in anyway I can because I want you to shine and be the better version of yourself.

So number one, let’s talk about this celibacy issue. I preached it a lot of times but I have NEVER said do not have sex before marriage. Here’s what I have always said to young girls and I maintain it.

Never ever give your body to a man for money. You’re worth so much more than that. You’re beautiful beyond measure and there’s absolutely nothing a man can give you that you can’t give urself if you apply yourself, believe in yourself and work hard. Start now that you’re young, pursue your dreams, work hard till your hands are sore and ur mind is tired, never listen to anyone who tells you you’re not good enough or you’re wasting your time, and no matter how hard it gets, no matter how rough the road becomes, never give up on yourself or your dreams.

2. I’ve always also said & I maintain it; do not sleep around because your body is too precious & deserves respect. You deserve love & dignity. I’ve always said sex should only happen when you find yourself in a loving relationship, with someone you love & who loves you back. I was 100% celibate until I was ready to share my life with someone and I met the man of my dreams. (unfortunately, I can’t share him with the

# Linda Ikeji debunks fake pregnancy rumor

Now i believe people will rest and stop the trolls

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