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Laura Ikeji Bullies Account Officer, Hunted By The Past

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Laura Ikeji Bullies Account Officer, Hunted By The Past

Laura Ikeji bullies Account Officer as Laura embarked on a retributive justice following the injustice she received from her account officer way back in Unilag.

Early today she made a post of how she suffered in the hand of some group of girls which made her to flew from the university hostel and spent her years in the university living off campus.

It is said that one should always strive to live a good life because we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.

Could we blame Laura for her actions?


Storytime ?. When I was in Unilag, Amina hall, there were these 2 girls that constantly made me uncomfortable. They laughed and clap hands whenever they saw me. They said unpleasant things about me when I walked past them, no fear, no feelings whatsoever. I got tired of their bullying that I almost physically attacked one of them in the bathroom.

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Cut long story short. I NEVER returned to campus hostel, lived outside campus till I left school. Fast forward 2018, one of them just became my account officer. WWon’tmention the bank but I just withdrew every Kobo I had in the bank and politely asked that I wanted the account disabled. End of story. ??? it felt good doing it last night. Too good. –

The post garnered several reactions on the platform. While others felt she did the right thing by closing her account with the bank, some, however, felt she should forgive and move on.


D0 you think she went too far?

Laura Ikeji Bullies Account officer




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