Latest Airtel Cheap Data Plan – Airtel 1GB for N200, 2GB for N500 & 4GB for N1000

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Latest Airtel Cheap Data Plan – Airtel 1GB for N200, 2GB for N500 & 4GB for N1000

Finally guys, we now have a new data plan which is an alternative to much cheap data plans 80% aren’t eligible for like MTN Welcome back offer.

This new Airtel Data Plan is cheap, and it has brought the long-awaited 1GB for N200, 200MB for N100, 2GB for N500 and 4GB for N1000.

As for the eligibility status, not all Airtel Sim can get this cheap data plan, so it’s still based on eligibility. But to get access to it when not eligible has not been known yet.

The accessible data plan many users will use is N200 for 1GB, and the best part is that it valid for seven days, i.e. one week

Latest Airtel Cheap Data Plan

#1. How To Activate Airtel 200MB for N100 Data Plan

This data plan can be used for urgent needs like when you need to quickly browse the internet or download flat files like PDF or chat with a friend on any social media platform. This data plan is valid for three days (72 hours), and it costs just N100 for 200MB.

To Activate Dail *141*241# and select 1.

#2. How To Activate Airtel 1GB for N200 Data Plan

Airtel N200 for 1Giga Byte is the best data plan in the list here, and this is what got me excited to share this post with you guys. This data plan lasts for one week (7 days), and it can be used for downloading movies or streaming online.
If used only for the internet searching, I doubt you will be able to finish it before the weeks runs out.
– To Activate Dail *141*241# and select 2.
This is a new data plan no other network has provided since they unleashed their cheap data plans.
This data plan saves the stress of renewing your 1GB plan if you know there are much to download, stream or discuss with friends online.
This Airtel 2GB for N500 data plan is valid for two weeks (14 days) and is suitable for TV Shows downloaders who watches a series of anime episodes bi-weekly.
To Activate Dail *141*241# and select 3.
#3. How To Activate Airtel 4GB for N1000 Data Plan
If you love chatting with friends and you don’t really have much to download but always on social media, then this data plan will be better for you.
This Airtel 4GB for N1000 lasts for one month (30 days), and it can be used on any OS of your choice. If you run a small cyber cafe or you own an internet site, you should go for this plan because it has more data and lasts longer.
To Activate Dail *141*241# and select 4.


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