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Lady dumps wedding Plan over mother inlaw cassava testing tactics

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Lady dumps wedding Plan over mother inlaw cassava testing tactics

Lady dumps wedding Plan over mother inlaw cassava testing tactics -There is this new trend 0f testing wife material by our mother inlaws that at some point ladies are no longer in support of such an idea.


A Twitter user has narrated her ordeal and how she shoved off her mother-in-law boldly after she tested how loyal she could be to the son by telling her to peel cassava on her first visit despite the fact that her fiancee’s sister called the attention of her mother inlaw to her long acrylic nail.


According to the Twitter user, she danced to the tune of the music, peeled the cassava, not just peeling she surprised her mother inlaw with a wake of her, frying garri the following morning.


She quit the relationship  and after  8m0nths her mother-in-law sent for her to know the reason for the cancellation of her wedding and without hesitation she gave her a hot breaking heart reply,” I can’t marry into a poor family.”

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She wrote: This woman saw me with my long ass acrylic and asked me to peel cassava, her young daughter told her I’ve long nails, she smirked.

Well, I peeled the cassava, took it to be ground and before she woke up the next day, I was frying garri. She approved but I was disappointed bigly. I passed her test with flying colors.

When she called me 8months later to ask why I refused to marry her son, I looked her dead in the eye and told her, I cannot marry into a poor family. God, it felt good”.

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According to Nwanyi Ngala, she was young and that was why she peeled the cassava, she threw cautions in the air to mother inlaws that they should not expect her to do such as she is now a grown up.


My major concern is why date a girl for long with the intention of trying to know her more and still subject her to mother inlaw testing, what have you been doing with her for years? we are not perfect in all, some people can’t even peel cassava and that does not make them worse than people who can.

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