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Kenya Breaks New Record…24years Mwirigi Becomes Parliament Member.

Meet 24-yr-old youngest Parliament Member in the history of Kenya,Paul Mwirigi.

According to the provisional results released by Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Mwirigi had a lead of 18,659 votes translating to 39.09 per cent of the total votes.

One remarkable thing about John is that he was poor to even afford to print campaign posters and had to carry out his campaign on Boda Boda.

An unidefnetied member of Igemba south Stated,

We decided to elect him, he had no money for campaign posters and campaigns but he offered good pledges and his manifesto was good

Paul noted how hard and challenging it was for him to get an education as he campaigned to voters.

His victory is attributed to him being relatable to the people in addition to his door to door campaign strategy.

Mwirigi was never taken seriously by other contestants but has now dealt each and every one of them a huge blow.

He has promised to build roads, supply water and invest in Education noting how challenging it was for him to get Education.

According to a source from the constituency, Paul was not favourite in the race but his victory could be attributed to the door-to-door campaigns he did.

Always know that your dreams can only come through hard work and persistency.

If Naija Government go just figure out this kind change e go make sense.

Our Government should be “Talk and Do” shikina.


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