I Was Ganged Rapped With Bottle, Lady Narrates Her Ordeal With Brother

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I was ganged rapped with bottle, lady narrates how she has suffered from STI  as a result of rape encounter and molestation from brother and family.


I’m 30 without any tertiary qualification and I’m a single parent.

After being raped, my ex who is my baby daddy told me I’m rotten and ugly and disfigured.

My mom hates me because I couldn’t qualify for varsity. My brother used to bit me up and make me suck his “D”.

Just to add on I can’t hold pee because after being raped a bottle was inserted into my vagina.

My then employer said to me I need to put myself together I’m not the first rape victim.
Yes I was gang raped.

In April I was terminated for no reason. Sexually I no longer have any feelings.
But because my child needs to eat I’m even thinking of being a prostitute because sometimes at home my mom doesn’t dish for us.

Last week we ended up sleeping with eating soil the whole week because I was told I’m a dog who brings shame.

I know this may sound funny and fake but I can present the documents supporting this.

It’s just that I’m live in fear.

My employer bought my case at ccma because they also defending one of the guys whom they protecting.

The more I pray it gets worse.I had to hide my identity because I don’t want people to say another rape story or another one using rape to seek attention.

Yes I even stink when I have taken a bath, because I didn’t treat the STI acquired after being raped as my employer threatened me.

From Grade 5 until grade 10 that was my brothers phase terrorizing me and it was said it must be kept as a family secret because he could not afford to loose his Cuba Medicine bursary.

I celebrated when he passed away because of the torture he put me through.

Now I’m being my younger sister doormat who is currently in varsity doing her last year and she recently had a child but because I’m there to wipe after everybody, now I’m suppose to take full responsibility because I will be chased away if I don’t help.

I’ve tried to take my child life and my life but I could not succeed.
Instead now things are worse, I get to be reminded of my stupidity of trying to commit suicide.

I apologize to everyone who has been triggered. But I had to answer as to “what’s eating me up”.

For those of you who are saying this is just a non existence story please refer to some of the document below.

And note my employer prevented me from going to all the session that are listed here.

I had hidden this ordeal from everyone in my family, but due to the fact that my DNA sample matched with some of the perpetrators that where caught, Police had to come home and bring this form so that I can testify and I was not present when they arrived at home.

Please note I didn’t do this for attention, hence I won’t reveal my real identity, because I’ve already went through so much prejudice by telling my story.

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