“I Never Said I Am Biafran” Nigerian Writer, Chimamanda Adichie Denys The Assertion Gliding About Her.

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“I Never Said I Am Biafran” Nigerian Writer, Chimamanda Adichie Denys The Assertion Gliding About Her.

Nigerian bleeding edge author, Chimamanda Adichie took to her Facebook page at the beginning of today to deny that she never made the statement:”I’m a Biafran and nothing else” A quote that IPOB individuals have been hawking around and ascribed it to her.

She wrote, “Headline below, and other similar headlines, which appeared on some websites are false.

“They are completely invented; along with some accompanying quotes which have been attributed to me.

“I did not say or write those words.”

You have to see the shock and abhor discourse on her facebook wall by IPOB individuals and Nnamdi Kanu supporters.

What Chimamanda Adichie did at the beginning of today is precisely what I accept to be valid.

You can be an Igbo man/lady and still separate yourself from this Biafra story Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB individuals are pushing for.

Not supporting Kanu’s Biafra does not make you less Igbo. It doesn’t mean you detest your kin or you an against Igbo, it implies that there is something Nnamdi Kanu is doing which he is not getting right that push such a significant number of youthful brilliant Igbo individuals far from supporting him and his motivation.

We may loathe Adichie for being frank yet one thing you can’t detract from her will be her profound love for her tribe and her Igbo individuals.
It is irresistible and that she declined to help Nnamdi Kanu and his Biafra is a profound significant message which is generally welcomed.

Igbo learned people and research organization were all with Ojukwu in 1966, from Chinua Achebe, Chukwumerije to Cyprian Ekwensi, they all openly upheld Ojukwu and his affirmation of Biafra.

For Nnamdi Kanu, this era of learned people have declined to help him.

Freely paying little heed to his allure with the grass root and this shows there is a separation some place and something the young fellow is not getting right.

This is simply the more reason he needs to encircle himself with the best and brightest of youthful Igbos for more youthful shrewd

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