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” How I Get Sexual Satisfacton, Without Heartbreak From Men” … Actress Elom

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How I Get Sexual Satisfacton, Without Heartbreak From Men” … Actress Elom

“I’m single. I masturbate or walk up to any guy I like, to quench my urges”

While some actresses are keen on settling down with the right partners, budding actress, Omalicha Elom is not in that category, as she has openly declared that she’s single and ready to flirt.

Nollywood actress Omalicha Elom has revealed how she gets sexual satisfaction, despite being single. In an interview with Sun News, she said: ‘I have never experienced heartbreak”. .

Actress Omalicha Elom

In fact, I don’t even know what it is like, because I have only dated two guys in my life. I was the one that dumped them. I broke their hearts instead. The last one even threatened to pour acid on me, because he couldn’t deal with the heartbreak. .
Right now, I’m single and flirting. I need to make lots of money. “On quenching sexual urges, she said; “Whenever I need sexual satisfaction, I would look for an old flame or new crush. It’s not so hard; I’m not a shy person. .
I‘ll just walk up to the new guy that I’m crushing on and tell him I like him and want him in my bed. I’ll ask for a fling. We are all adults. After having sex once or twice, that’s it, then we can call it quits and life goes on.” .
On making use of sex toys, she said: “I’m not a fan of sex toys. I often help myself (masturbate), but I can’t do sex toys.”

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