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Health Workers In Nigeria Threatens To Go On Strike

Health Workers in Nigeria threatens to go on strike

Abuja, Mar 15 (Prensa Latina) The Nigerian health system will stop operating if the Government does not meet their demands in 30 days, according to the threat launched today by the sector’s United Union (JOHESU).

This will be a mega-strike. If it begins, then the local states and governments will join. Let the Nigerian health system stop for the first time, said the JOHESU National President Ogbonna Chimela.

During a telephone interview with the newspaper Premium Times, the leaders criticized the lack of seriousness from the authorities to the organization, which gathers hospital workers, doctors and dentists.

The sector had already gone on a national strike in September to protest the salary adjustments, delays in promotions, lack of a favourable working environment for the workers and other issues.

The call was also assumed at that time by the Nigerian National Association of Nurses and Midwives and in the ninth day of the strike, JOHESU reached an agreement with the Government.

However, Chimela asserted that six months after the agreement, the Government has not met any of their demands.

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The union leader added that he had begun a tour to raise awareness and mobilize the six geopolitical areas in the country before the 30-day deadline expires.
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