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Headies2018 next rated: why no controversies?

Over the most recent quite a while the next rated class of the headies2018 awards had frequently been bound with mumbles contradictions discussions and some of the time bottle-hurling.

This year as it may there was a change from the standard as the declaration of the champ was met with shouts of fulfilment from close and there. obviously, there would be moans of dissatisfactions all over for with each victor somebody certainly lost.

Dmw star mayorkun has ended up being meriting each honour that comes to his direction not simply from the headies but rather past the headies.

Grammy is not for Nigerians – HipTV owner

It is hard to acknowledge the way that mayorkun is only two years in the business. his series of accomplishments abandon us thinking about whether in fact, 2016 was the time of his revelation. progressing soundly from the newbie grabbed by davido in a make move studio mayorkun has shown that he is without a doubt the mayor of Lagos.

His tunes are prominent and his lyrics are generally acknowledged with his energy which is irresistible.

Winners Of The 12th Edition Of Headies 2018 Flags Off Their Awards

While the next rated chosen one was an arrangement of a portion of the best new children on the coalition, it was too simple to see mayorkun winning this one and this is the reason nobody is extremely whining, great!

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