Friday Palaver With My Husband.. Sex Addict.

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Friday Palaver With My Husband.. Sex Addict.

I am currently married to my husband for 4 months and here comes his friend who will be getting married this weekend,which means he is among the groomsmen.

I shouldn’t be perturbed about it but why do I feel that weekends are always weird rather than be relieved that we are just 4months and the love is still holding strong bonds.

My thought is that I have watched a day marriage break up because of one time weekend,and he only likes weekend Sex.

The last time he went for a bachelor’s party, I remembered he came home at about 4 am.

As I opened the door for him, he swallowed my question with a grab of my lips.

He started kissing and caressing my body in the most romantic way.

I felt it was his normal 1hr 30 minutes Sex which he usually do every weekend as we don’t have Sex on week days because of tight schedule.

Maybe he couldn’t wait for the party to be over to be with me.

Like a kid who licks his plate after a delicious meal is served , he rolled his tongue down my breast.

I held him so tight to his waist while he gave me a soft touch on my breast with his fingers and kept kicking down to my vagina.

I moan in the sweetness of his touch “Baby just take me there” .

He carried me to the bed while he made a 360 turn with his lips still on my hole and his chairman facing my mouth directly.

Without much hesitation, I grabbed it and start suckling, rolling my tongues gently round his cap and pulling it inside with ice on my lips.

At this point, he exhales gently “Honey keep sucking” I took my tongue to his chairman’s bag and came up , lo and behold I saw “WANT MORE ” .

This was written with a marker on his buttocks,  I pulled him side ways immediately and questioned him but he kept mute till today.

Now here comes another TGIF  with weekend wedding of his friend, if the write up was nothing why did he keep mute?

You can only love and care but can you install CCTV on their body?

And if there be need where your are not been cared for or treated well then AWAY!!!!!.

Easy said than done?????


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Enjoy  your Friday


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