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Far Better Than “Quitting”.

“Far better than quitting” is a philosophy that I come to realize that it works for me.

You all remember that saying:

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Well, Ladies, I put a twist on this one.

Here is my version, ” If you can’t stand the heat, don’t leave the kitchen, rather open the window and get some fresh air.
I apologize to the original owners of that philosophy but we have advertised “quitting on things” a lot, including yours truly, but “NOT ANYMORE”

The kitchen is where food which sustains livelihood is PROCESSED.
The kitchen is where everyone looks to with a lot of expectation.
It’s where people bank on for sustenance.

Love is baked in the kitchen because that’s the only place you are propelled by love for people to give your “culinary best”, It’s a place of creativity and Lots of more.

And somehow you have seen fit to man such a sensitive place only for you to take off, have you stopped to consider WHAT HAPPENS TO OTHERS WHO ARE COUNTING ON YOU?

Now I’ve used the conventional kitchen that we all know to x-ray how terrible the idea of “quitting” sounds and how distasteful the result is, sit back and meditate on those things you want to quit on.

  • Think about the people whose lives depend on your success in that venture!
  • Ask yourself if it’s OKAY to let these people down, yourself included.Their Trust, their belief in you, their anticipation of your victory, their reliance on you for motivation; you can fill in the rest.

A wise man said and I quote

“if you have never felt like quitting on a thing, then it wasn’t a worthwhile venture” and I agree completely.

Quitting has a tremendous RIPPLE EFFECT, it’s not just about you. It sips into other people’s lives as well.

The next time you want to quit, look back at the silent voices cheering you on.

Rather than quit, take a short break and continue.
You were born with the FINISH LINE, keep moving people.

Quitting is NOT AN OPTION!

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