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Exit OF A Wonded Heart…Leave When You Can.

I write you a letter
stating I am out of touch
but realistically my dear groaning love
I have had enough.

I do not want to explain in person
honestly I am scared.

when I first fell in love with you
all signs said “buyer beware”

That you have been torn in two,                 Before I met you

But that was  not a valid excuse.               To me then for me not to.                             I was carried away by the heart.

For the sake of this heart many have giving up not seeing far the good things life holds for them.

But what is life when you hold on to that which can drown your bolt, am tired of amending my bolt, running short of energy .

Your pain you laid down on me,and i constantly carried it without the world knowing how heavy the burden was.

I know I am not an angel
heck, not close to a saint
but I was willing to make you feel loved
But your life is one big complaint
Till when , till when

Fit for any realm
my ship has hit rocky shores.

Say NO to abusive relationship or marriage and leave when you can.

Guide and guard your Heart

It is with it you leave for tomorrow. ..

From Swanky

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