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Economic crisis rock Jordan over a proposed tax hike

As Economic crisis rock Jordan, Riyadh said it would search for approaches to defeat the ’emergency’ in Jordan following mass exhibitions.

Following the wake of the crisis in Jordan which has led to protest as a result of the economic breakdown, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan will meet Sunday to discuss ways to support Amman.

According to Riyadh in his statement on Saturday, the king has called out rulers of the three other nations to set up a meeting in Mecca after demonstrations rocked Jordan over a proposed tax hike.

Cash-strapped Jordan, as a close US ally that relies heavily on donors, is struggling to curb its debt after securing a $723 million loan from the International Monetary Fund in 2016.

Austerity measures fixed to the loans have seen costs of essential necessities ascend over the kingdom – coming in full circle in seven days of irate challenges over duty proposition and tax that constrained PM Hani Mulki to leave

king Abdullah told columnists on Monday that there had been a “disappointment and slackness with respect to a few authorities in regards to basic leadership”, and that “the world has not completely carried its duties” by decreasing guide in spite of the kingdom facilitating near a million Syrian displaced people.

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The World Bank says Jordan has “frail development prospects” this year, while 18.5 per cent of the working-age populace is jobless.

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