Donald Trump On Fire Over His ”Shithole Countries” Remark… READ

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Donald Trump On Fire Over His ”Shithole Countries” Remark… READ

Donald Trump On Fire Over His ”Shithole Countries” Remark… READ:

Hosts like Jimmy Kimmel have dealt with many bizarre moments from the Trump White House. Yet, late night hosts on Thursday night seemed more perplexed than usual while discussing the president‘s latest comments regarding people from what he called “shithole countries.”

“Before I share what specifically he said, I would like you to keep in mind this is an actual quote from the actual president of the United States,” Kimmel said while opening his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC.

Kimmel added that it really is “unfathomable” and “you just can’t believe that this is the guy running our country.”

“So anyway thanks Vlad Putin,” Kimmel said. “You really got us good.”

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah attempted to break the news to his audience.

“I don’t know how to break this to you, but I think the president might be racist,” the “Daily Show” host said on Thursday night’s show.

Noah, who is from South Africa, went on to say that he was personally offended by Donald Trump‘s comments as “someone from ‘South Shithole’.”

“Not only does he think that brown countries are ‘shitholes,’ he thinks we’re never going to know what he said?” Noah told his audience. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, it might take us a few weeks, but as soon as the news donkey reaches our village, we’ll be so mad! So mad!”

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