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Nigerian doctor,Chris Anyakorah Speaks on Depression and Suicide.

Nigerian doctor, Chris Anyakorah speaks on the high rate of depression and suicide among individuals.

According to him,Nigeria is in competition with california when it comes to depression and suicide.


He has it that over 2000 people have died through depression in California and no doubts how Nigerians are equating the number.

Nigeria Doctor, Chris Anyakorah takes us on a long lecture on depression and suicide.

Since 1937, over 2000 people have died voluntarily by jumping from the Golden State bridge located in San Francisco, California.

In Nigeria today, we are slowly approaching that number. The Third Mainland Bridge has had its own history as well as a few other bridges within Lagos and its environs.

Nigerian Doctor, Chris Anyakorah

Death by suicide has plagued our nation in recent times. We can all remember the young physician who plummeted to his death not too long by jumping into the Lagos lagoon, the lady with three kids in June now orphaned, among so many others.

There are several reasons why an individual decide to kill them themselves. These are varied and complex at best; acute or chronic changes in either one’s social life, financial reasons, emotional struggles, depression and so on.

Depression is one of the conditions highly associated with suicide others include eating disorders, schizophrenia, some personality disorders, alcohol and other substance abuse and bipolar. .

Depression is a mental disorder than can be managed and should not come with any form of stigmatization.

Most Nigerians tend to think the only person with a mental disorder is the young man or old lady that walks around the street without shoes and seemingly enjoys talking to him/herself. It goes beyond that, cutting across every socioeconomic class, gender, ethnic groups, geographical locations and race.

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Some signs to watch out for that might clue you into getting help include but not limited to the following; difficulty sleeping, loss of interests in activities you normally enjoy, significant alteration in your energy levels, feelings of guilt, appetite changes, suicidal thoughts, difficulty concentrating and increased irritability. .

Recognizing this symptoms is key and seeking help is paramount. Speaking to your primary care provider is a good place to start. Remember to always share your concerns with a healthcare provider, so you can get the help you need to start feeling better.

N.B- Suicide is never an option. You lose the fight we lose the war. In other words we both lose.

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