A Cry For Help By Senator Melaye For God’s Grace In His Recall

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A Cry For Help By Senator Melaye For God’s Grace In His Recall

Congressperson Dino Melaye has shouted out to God the unique one who can spare and convey him after an Abuja Division of the Federal High Court ordered the continuation of his recall, with the notion that the electorate who appeal about the procedure had a privilege to ask for the expulsion of their representative from office since they are the ones who chose him.


Dino Melaye took to his Instagram page to shout out to God his deliverer.

A sign that he is some how frightened about the review regardless of his show of bluster.

The court has decided that the INEC gives Mr Melaye with the recall appeal, a calendar of signatures appended to the petitions, and a full details of people in help of the process, two weeks before a revised timetable for the recall.


In putting the new timetable in order, the INEC has given time for the representative to consider the petitions and different connections to empower him to plan for the exercise.


The table demonstrated the notice of confirmation will start on October 3 and 5th of same month will be the last day for submission of application by onlookers.

Dino Melaye in his post says he accepts just in God to see him through this circumstance.

“I have just God and I have everything,” he wrote.

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