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Copyright Violations: Onyeka Onwenu Sue Music & Movie Distributor Company, IROKING For N205m

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Copyright Violations: Onyeka Onwenu Sue Music & Movie Distributor Company, IROKING For N205m

It was reported that Onyeka Onwenu was at the Lagos High Court on Monday, where her N205 million suit against Iroking was heard.

IROKING is a free Nigerian music streaming service offering a stream of selected music from a range of African labels and artists. Its website platform was launched in December 2011 by iROKO Partners.

The veteran singer had earlier publicised her intention take legal actions over the alleged copyright infringement issue which she described as “massive violation of my musical copyright dues and the illegal exploitation of my intellectual property.”

She said, “For years, Iroking profited from the sale of my music, even after a two-year contract it signed with me had elapsed.

For years, also, they denied that they were doing so, they denied that they had made any profits from their illegal exploits.

“When they were caught in the lie, they wanted to settle but refused to show up for meetings.

“Iroking as a company is arrogant and has no regard for the people, artists whose works and labour have made them successful”.

“We are therefore suing to make a point. Artistes have a right to profit from their intellectual property and labour”.

“Nigeria has copyright laws, which ought to be respected. The music industry has been built up and sustained by artists and entrepreneurs like me.

“I demand to be protected by the laws of my country. Iroking must pay for this violation.”.
Speaking further, Onwenu encouraged other musicians in similar situations to stand up and seek justice, especially in this internet era.
“It is also my hope that other artists will wake up and demand what is due them. Many do not know that their music is being exploited on YouTube and other carriers. ”

Some Record Companies are selling our music on the internet and claiming ownership of the Copyright. If only we would pay attention, artists would discover that while they had been doing all the creative”

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