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Comedian James Acaster Thoughts On Suicide After Emotional Trauma

James Acaster has been applauded for his boldness in revealing the state of his health.

James who had a major emotional break down revealed his thoughts on committing suicide on a Alan Brazil sports breakfast show on Talksports and revealed he’d taken time off after struggling with his mental health following a break up several years ago.

After Talksport tweeted the video, social media viewers have praised him by calling him ‘an inspiration.

Comedian James Acaster

He is known for his appearances on Mock the Week and Hypothetical.

James opened up while appearing on the Talk Radio show, saying:

I hadn’t looked after my mental health my whole life. I’d kind of neglected that and at 32 that all stacked on up each other.’

Earlier this year, Acaster reported that the end of his relationship with former girlfriend Louise Ford had hit him hard. He said he found out ‘a year later’ that she had dumped him for Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson.

James continued on TalkSport, saying: ‘Stand up was going really well, I was just really busy. I was not giving myself any time off. I was too stressed all the time.

Explaining how he’d recovered, he said:

Going to therapy made it much better. in the UK it’s quite difficult to go to therapy either to afford it or there’s a long waiting list on the NHS.’ 

He added: ‘You can do stuff on the Samaritans as well which I’ve done in the past.’

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