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Having A Child For Flavour Is The Best Decision I Have Ever Made, Even Though He Have Not Proposed… ANNA BANNER

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Having A Child For Flavour Is The Best Decision I Have Ever Made, Even Though He Have Not Proposed… ANNA BANNER

Former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, Anna Ebierre Banner in a meeting with Punch,said she didn’t purposefully get pregnant to end up been  noticeably seen with the Popular Niger Singer FLAVOUR .

Despite the fact that he has not proposed to me he has everything I adore in a man.

In a meeting with Punch, Ebierre said she didn’t purposefully get pregnant to end up noticeably celebrated.

“I couldn’t have deliberately got pregnant on the grounds that I needed to snare a star. I was at that point a star as well. I wasn’t searching for popularity; I was notwithstanding fleeing from notoriety.


In any case, I got pregnant for some person I truly adored. It wasn’t arranged. It was my mix-up yet I wouldn’t call my kid an oversight. I was thoughtless. Be that as it may, I express gratitude toward God it occurred with a man who I cherished and who didn’t walk out on me”.

“When you adore somebody, it is difficult to drop out. You can’t experience passionate feelings for now and drop out of adoration tomorrow. Love is solid. Before you tell some individual you cherish him, you must make sure. Flavor was the main man I began to look all starry eyed at. Despite everything I cherish him as the wonderful soul he has and as the father of my kid. I don’t recognize what’s on the horizon however we are quite recently approaching things slowly and carefully.”

She included that her role in Flavor’s “Golibe” video has nothing to do with their relationship and the pregnancy.

“A few people have it turned. It wasn’t a direct result of the video that I had a kid for him. We didn’t begin dating in light of the video either. It simply happened and it happened.”

According to Anna Ebierre said she was not envious there’s another lady in the artist’s life.

“Why would it be a good idea for me to be envious? We are for the most part people however what will be will be. On the off chance that you get desirous today, where will it lead you to? All I need is for my kid to be cheerful.”

Reviewing how she got a handle on when she discovered she was pregnant, the young woman said she was crushed.

“I was disheartened. I was done! I was disappointed! My folks were appalled at my sight. It was my cross, so I needed to convey it. I chose I would keep the infant regardless of the possibility that I wasn’t hitched. It ended up being the best choice I have made. I am not saying it regards get pregnant at a youthful age and have a child however whatever options you influence, you also  need to know there are circumstances and you need to prepare to confront the results. I was prepared to confront mine and I won’t encourage anyone to get pregnant at a youthful age. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you get pregnant, fetus removal is not the subsequent stage.”

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