BLACK MIRROR SEASON 5 EXPECTED IN DECEMBER – According to a report from Bloomberg, Season 5 of Black Mirror on Netflix should premiere on-the streaming service in December. In addition, the new season will feature an interactive episode, an extension of both the show’s experimentation in different genres and Netflix’s initiative to turn viewers into active participants.

Like those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories from Bantam Books that were all the rage in the 1980s, this special Black Mirror installment will allow audiences to influence the course of the plot through their own choices.

If true, this will be Netflix’s first attempt at bringing interactive programming to an older demographic.

Netflix is no stranger to this kind of entertainment, having already used it for children’s shows like Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile. Last December, the company’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said that the streamer would begin work on interactive shows for adults.

“A lot of the conventional wisdom that goes into TV programming turns out to be wrong,” he said.

Season 4 of Black Mirror debuted last winter, starting off with-the Emmy-winning episode “USS Callister.” For Season 5, executive producers Charlie Brooker (also creator) and Annabel Jones Wanted to play around with “new genres.”

“I have to say, we’ve picture-
locked the first one, and it’s good. It’s really good. [Next season] will be new and different,” Jones said.

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Mysterious Travellers crops circle of Game Of Thrones in Dorset

Mysterious Travellers crops circle of Game Of Thrones in Dorset

Mysterious Travellers crops circle of Game Of Thrones in Dorset

Mysterious travellers visited the English countryside and left behind the biggest crop circle of the year so far – near the Cerne Abbas Giant.

The giant circle cropped up in a field just yards from the historic hill figure, which is famous around the world for its mighty penis.


The giant circle, which is thought to have a radius of 36ft – the same length as the Cerne Abbas Giant’s penis – and is set out like the points on a compass.

The circle in Game of Thrones

In the centre of the formation is a seven-pointed star, which is the name of a holy text in smash hit fantasy series Game of Thrones.

The strange pattern was spotted over the weekend near Cerne Abbas in Dorset

Matthew Williams, a crop circle expert from Wiltshire, reckons this is one of the most intricate circles he has seen in a while.

He said: “This is a great formation – the amount of work that went into it is immense.

It’s geometrically perfect. And the Roman key design around the outside is stunning.

I didn’t realise that a seven-pointed star was of importance in Game of Thrones.

I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever made the formation knew that though.

The circles are so precisely engineered, it’s hard to fathom that they might not have been created by machines

“I don’t know who left it there, but whoever did definitely had some time on their hands.”

The 300-year-old Cerne Abbas Giant is carved into the hill, and has been designated a scheduled monument of England and is owned by the National Trust.

































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Professor Johnbull Premieres on DSTV, GOTV Channel 2

Professor Johnbull Premieres on DSTV, GOTV Channel 2

TV drama series, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by Globacom, begins its Season Six on a grand scale as the telecommunications company takes the programme to pay cable TV, with DSTV airing the show on Sunday, April 8 on its Africa Magic Family channel and also on GOTV Channel 2 at 6.00 p.m. A repeat broadcast will be aired on Thursday at  9.30p.m. on both stations.

This is in addition to airing the programme on the terrestrial channel of NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes on Tuesday at 8.30 pm., with a repeat broadcast on Friday at the same time and on the same channels. Anambra  Broadcasting Service, ABS, will broadcast the show on Wednesday at 8.30p.m. with a repeat broadcast on Saturday also at 8.30p.m.

The first episode of the season, entitled Anthony Keke, profiles the lifestyle of a typical Keke (commercial tricycle) rider, who starts his day on a very rough note of taking alcohol and other stimulants on the erroneous belief that such substances will enhance his performance on the job.

Viewers of the sitcom will find the episode loaded as Professor Johnbull’s gateman, Abednego (Martins Nebo) makes love advances at the scholar’s daughter, Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye); just as Anthony the Keke rider, already tipsy from bouts of alcohol, takes off with a passenger’s luggage without the passenger and at the agreed destination, hallucinates on seeing a ghost.

Professor Johnbull, acted by Nollywood legend, Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK), counsels Keke riders on the need to obey traffic rules,  ride with the consciousness that they have loved ones back at home, and that hustling for a living should not be life-threatening.

New Movie Review Of “The Glass Castle”..

Anthony Keke also depicts the idiosyncrasies of an average Keke rider to include disobedience of traffic rules with impunity; riding without a licence; quarrelling with passengers and other commuters and being unnecessarily abusive and unruly

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Film Review: Dance To My Beat is a shameless cash grab. But you will laugh

Film Review: Dance To My Beat is a shameless cash grab. But you will laugh

Nollywood starlet, Mary Lazarus joins the ever-expanding list of actresses to take the plunge into film production with Dance To My Beat. She plays it as safe as she possibly can by backing a project that is tucked securely in the weddings sub-category of the romantic comedy genre.

Because filmmaking is a business and everyone is essentially an independent player, there are no pretensions to Dance To My Beat. Lazarus expects returns on investment, in the short term, and so every clichéd plot turn, every guest star appearance, every attempt at a joke is created for maximum profits. This line of thinking isn’t necessarily a letdown for audiences simply looking for laughs. Those who want their rom coms full of heart, wit and imagination might have to look elsewhere though.

Mary Lazarus casts herself in the lead as Olamide, the worst kind of Lagos big girl. Olamide has no discernible source of income, nurses an unhealthy appetite for splurging and has a questionable past that is demonstrated in a scene with NairaBet founder Akin Alabi. She has succeeded in needling some poor sucker, Raymond (Joseph Benjamin) to take her down the aisle but brings nothing to the relationship save for an unearned sense of entitlement. She wants a big, high-profile society wedding and will not let the simple fact that she and her fiancé cannot afford it stop her from getting one.

Olamide’s grand plan for financing this wedding, and fueling her over-inflated lifestyle is to sell her wedding asoebis at exorbitant prices. She belongs to a cohort of ladies inclined to this ideology of faking it until you make it and so is able to get subscribers to her get rich quick scam.

The problems begin when Olamide and Raymond discover – what anyone could have told them for free- that maintaining their new lifestyle (rented duplex in Lekki, expensive jeep et al) is a lot more demanding than getting them in the first place. They are further sucked into the black hole when they find out they have to keep oiling the wheels that made them rich in the first place by purchasing her friends’ asoebi, also at exorbitant rates.

Mary Lazarus recognises that she isn’t quite the engaging leading lady, and invites other big-name players to complement her efforts. Her character, Lamide is a monster but she wisely plays it with some grace and downplays the mean streak. The result is that the character is a lot more tolerable than she could have been.

Joseph Benjamin as Raymond, the mid-level civil servant who is first a victim of Olamide’s avarice, and then descends into the co-conspirator role affects a thick Igbo accent that is both overdone and impressive. It would take just one scene for him to shut his wife and all of her hare-brained antics down but there would be no film if that were to happen.

 Attention to detail isn’t the film’s strong suit and as such, Dance To My Beat fails to convincingly show how Raymond is able to afford his boys quarter apartment, talk more of the Lekki mansion that the family moves into after a so-called successful wedding that wasn’t even depicted on screen.

Lazarus must have been faced with the financial and logistic challenge of staging two weddings in one film and so decides to save her efforts for the film’s major set piece, yet another high-profile wedding involving her frenemy, Rhoda (Kehinde Bankole).

Directed by Paul Igwe, Dance To My Beat is striking to look at, in a garish, over the top way. No gimmicky shots, no elegance to the filmmaking. The wedding scene, the asoebis, the big houses, the cameo appearances and product placements all add a certain colourful energy to the film that keeps it flirting with the baroque side. Comedian Ushbebe has his moments as the comic foil to Benjamin’s Raymond. Lazarus and her female stars – comprising Mary Remmy Njoku, Toyin Abraham, Uzor Osimkpa – between them sport enough fluttering fake lashes to sweep the whole of Lagos clean.

The entire premise of Dance To My Beat is quite silly, and ultimately less than believable but Stanley Isokoh’s screenplay papers most of the cracks by injecting laughs in every other scene. For those who will be charmed by it, perhaps this is simply enough.

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New Movie Review Of “The Glass Castle”..

New Movie Review Of “The Glass Castle”.

What it’s about:

A young girl comes of age in a dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads with a mother who’s an eccentric artist and an alcoholic father who stirs the children’s imagination with hope as a distraction to their poverty.

What the critics thought:

Any parents of young children — or anyone thinking of hearing the pitter-patter of little feet — are urged to go to their local movie theatre and see The Glass Castle. Not as a how-to guide, mind you. No, that might actually get you thrown in jail.

They should go see it instead as a much-needed reminder that you can mess up spectacularly with your kids and still manage to have them adore you. The Glass Castle is steeped in crazy love, but love nonetheless.

Based on Jeannette Walls’ 2005 best-selling memoir, the film is both a tribute to parenting and a confessional of its absence. Like the book, it looks back without pity or sentiment. Unlike the book, it’s got Woody Harrelson and Brie Larson, acting spectacularly.

Walls created a sensation when she wrote about her destitute and nomadic youth, a childhood of hunger and privation at the hands of a pair of idiosyncratic parents who shunned schools, authority, capitalism and regular bill payments.

Hers was a childhood where she suddenly moved in the middle of the night, badly burned herself while unsupervised at the stove, had to eat butter and sugar as a meal, endured rages from her alcoholic dad and lived in homes without plumbing or electricity.

She was left in the house of an abuser to fend for herself and “learned” to swim when her father repeatedly tossed her underwater so she’d no longer cling to the side of the pool. Struggle, she was taught, gives life beauty. The adventure was more important than comfort.

“You learn from living,” her father says after steering the family’s broken-down station wagon into the unforgiving desert for a night under the stars. “Everything else is a damn lie.”

The film is directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, who co-wrote the screenplay with Andrew Lanham and reunites with Larson, who starred in his indie Short Term 12.

It’s a mature, empathetic work of filmmaking from a young artist even if such a quirky story has a few too many grand Hollywood flourishes, as when our heroine — high heels in hand — abruptly leaves a fancy dinner to sprint to her father’s bedside amid a soaring soundtrack.

Larson plays the adult Jeanette Walls who seems to have blocked out much of her hardscrabble youth as a rising magazine writer in New York City. The movie opens like the book, with the author in a taxi in 1989 happening to spy her parents Dumpster-diving on a street in the East Village.

A series of flashbacks reveal the unique way the Walls’ four children were raised. They have an artistic, bohemian mother (an understated Naomi Watts as Rose Mary Walls) and a fiery, charismatic dad (Harrelson as Rex Walls) who promises to build a fantastic glass castle for the family to live in one day.

Their father is brilliant and dashing but undependable. He offers them their own stars in the heavens for Christmas but takes their last few dollars to get drunk. Warts and all are shown — yet very little blame.

The exact moment when dad goes from offbeat quirky to dangerous is never clear but Harrelson’s descent into a moody, angry, lying Walls — but one always loving — is riveting.

A man who once promised thrilling freedom for his kids becomes their warden, refusing to let them leave for better lives. (The younger Jeannette are played with real skill by Ella Anderson and Chandler Head).

Jeannette Walls’ story is clearly lovingly protected by the filmmakers, from the stiff shoulder pads of the 1980s to the developing darkness of the film.

There’s astonishing detail rendered, down to the use of real Rose Mary Walls’ paintings on the walls and the long-gone “Please Do Not Slam the Door” stickers on yellow cab windows.

In the face of a horrific childhood, the Walls kids are fiercely protective of each other, as expected. What’s not as expected is that they still love their parents, too. Frustratingly, it’s not clear if they became happy adults because of their upbringing or despite it, but that almost seems beside the point.

The messages here are that kids are more resilient than we think, that your parents aren’t as crazy as you think, and that love always, always, wins.


Cast:  Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, Max Greenfield, Sarah Snook, Naomi Watts

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton

Genre: Drama

Release Date:  September 08, 2017

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Feud Between Two Brothers, Cause Of Black Sunday In St Philips Church in Ozubulu – Gov .Obiano

Feud Between Two Brothers, Cause Of Black Sunday In St Philips Church in Ozubulu – Gov .Obiano

It is a black Sunday for the individuals of Ekwusigo as gunmen on Sunday stormed the St. Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra state, east of Nigeria.


An eyewitness in a phone dialogue informed The Nigeria lawyer  that “the gunmen went into the church throughout the 5:45 a.m. mass, in quest of a Billionaire drug baron primarily based in South Africa a.k.a BISHOP EBUBECHUKWUZO 1 OF OZUBULU a son from the clan of Chief Alloysius Ikegwuonu to assassinate him however he ran out of luck as they met his absence.

They later went on rampage and shot on the remaining over 100 worshipers in St Philips Church with a warning they may come again once more if the billionaire drug baron Bishop refused to pay them the cash he’s owing them.

St. Philips Catholic Church, Ozubulu Anambra State.

Several individuals have been killed within the church whereas others who were critically injured died on their way  to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi.

On hearing the unhappy improvement, Governor Obiano stormed the scene to determine the extent of injury and sympathize with the individuals.

Speaking on the Church premises, the governor revealed that preliminary safety investigations present that the capturing was brought on by a feud between two brothers from the group residing outside Nigeria

“This is sacrilegious, completely unacceptable in Anambra State.” Gov Obiano mentioned

The deeply saddened governor requested the individuals to go about their companies with out concern or panic noting that this remoted case have to be followed up to the foundation and all perpetrators have to be brought to book.

“We can’t allow this happen in Anambra, we must get everyone involved to face the music” the governor declared

Gov Obiano additionally visited Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi the place the injured are being handled.

Thanking over 50 medical doctors who have been on ground taking care of the injured, the governor assured their households that each one medical payments shall be taken care of by the State Government.


My coronary heart goes out to the victims and households of those who misplaced their life and family members to St Philips Church Ozubulu bloodbath that occurred this morning

This is loopy and coronary heart wrenching

When did we grow to be this heartless?

How did we manage to lose our humanity to the extent of killing one other particular person due to cash and enterprise deal that went awry?

Hopefully when this complete thing is over, we actually want to take a seat as a individuals to ask ourselves some salient questions

For how long are we going to be worshipping people that made their money from questionable sources?

This Bishop of a man that the gun men got here searching for singlehandedly donated four church buildings to his community Ozubulu including the St Phillip catholic church the gun men stormed today to search for him.

The image of the Bishop who’s the reason for the dying of harmless lives

Nobody requested him to clarify the supply of his wealth. Not even the Catholic Church he constructed the buildings for. #Chukwudi.

And the query nonetheless remains this , which religion nor denomination has tried to confirm their members supply of money?

Which spiritual cleric, man of God nor conventional ruler has ever rejected items or financial supply by a distinguished wealthy man whose supply of wealth is questionable?..

The truth stays that our society has failed in numerous dimensions.. Even the church the place I worshiped as we speak, the ministers additionally displayed their perspective on the love of cash, it was so glaring..

How on earth are you able to waste the lives of people who knew nothing about how your small business began and what transpired in between traces but we clamour for the so called republic.. I’m wondering how the republic will even appear to be.. NWANNE NA-EGBU NWANNE YA. NO LOVE EVÉRYWHERE….

He was even given a title by his community for a person that made his wealth by questionable means.

What this implies is that Evans the kidnapper would have carried out similar operation for his Nnewi community, the church and the community would have accepted the Greek reward with a title without asking questions how he made his wealth.

We actually need to do better! For our culture and for the future because this isn’t who we’re.

See what a Facebook fan has to say concerning the incident

You have to be excessive on weed. How do you know it is a business-gone-bad attack? How can the police conduct investigation in less than 2 hours?


Now read this and get sense


By Charles Ogbu.

It is no longer news that unknown gunmen invaded St. Philip Catholic church, Ozubulu early morning of today, Sunday the sixth day of August, 2017, killing not less than 35 individuals and wounding more.

I’m just leaving St. Philip Catholic church, the crime scene.So do not even think I am peddling rumours right here.

The news is that the Nigerian police has, for the very first time in human historical past, efficiently concluded an investigation into a really heinous crime and got here out with a report less than 2 hours after the incident.

According to the official assertion from the police, the incident was not unconnected with a feud between two sons of the community, one of which was believed to have built the church.

Just pause.


Wait a minute!

The police want me to imagine that two sons of Ozubulu community had a disagreement over whatever business they might have transacted and one of them felt so aggrieved to the point that he wished to kill his colleague however for some reasons which even Amadioha cannot clarify, this aggrieved accomplice now determined to enter a church of all locations and turned his gun on harmless worshippers even when that partner of his who supposedly angered him was not within the church?????????


I mean, like seriously????

I should just believe this horseshit????

What happened to our education?

Is this not the same Nigerian police which informed us that it was “hoodlums” who killed dozens of individuals in Nimbo, Uzo-uwani, Enugu state even when Muna, my two day outdated pet, knew the killing was finished by fulani herdsmen?????

It is a very sad day when a police force that is supposed to be well sophisticated in the ways of investigating crime elect to be the official #AmeboNigeriaLimited over issues as serious as the deadly attack on innocent worshippers in a church.

The country called Nigeria is officially a failed state. All the indices are now complete. We are just living in denial.

By evening or sometime tomorrow, expect a couple of IPOB guys who will be paraded by the same police as the killers. Their only “crime” might just be using an hankerchief with the Biafran colour. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

I dey come first. Let me keep doing my own investigation. I might simply find something useful even before this criminally inept lot masquerading as the police can come up with any concrete info.

Ndigbo mourns!


May their Soul Rest in Peace!!!

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Movie Review Of “The Promise “

Movie Review Of “The Promise”

Knowing that the only way to help David regain his will to live is by making him happy, Yna is compelled to give him what his heart ultimately desires: her love. Choosing to be with David, Yna inevitably breaks both her heart and Angelo’s with a decision that she must learn to live with after promising to help Amor.

Meanwhile in the province, Greta starts developing trust issues with Simon when he starts acting suspiciously and later learns he’s been keeping secrets from her.

In order to help David regain his will to live and fight his cancer, Yna gives him what he’s always wanted: her love. But by choosing to be David’s girlfriend, Yna ultimately breaks both her heart and Angelo’s for the sake of her best friend. |


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Movie Alert “Alter Ego” Hits The Cinema Tomorrow

Movie alert “Alter Ego” hits the cinema tomorrow .

Movie lovers , here comes the long awaited movie “Alter Ego”. The movie was produced with the assistance of the talented Nigeria Nollywood actor, Omotola Ekeinde  who teamed up with Wale Ojo, Sexy Steel , Jide Kosoko, Tina Mba etc  to make the movie a success.




Boo that cannot take you to watch, is that one a Boo???.. Na question i ask o.

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