Cardi B Reveals drugging, robbing men
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Cardi B Reveals Drugging Men For Money

Today Cardi B took to Instagram to contextualize and express regret for claims she made in a video from three years ago. In the resurface Instagram live video, the rapper claims that during her days as a stripper she lured men to hotel rooms for sex but then drugged them and robbed them instead.

A live video showed up on the internet where Cardi admitted to have drugged men and raped them. (click on link to see video).

Fans reacted on social media with the hashtag #survivingcardib and some have called for her arrest. 

Cardi responded to these allegations saying “I didn’t say drug I said ‘drop’ but more videos surfaced of her talking about getting men drunk and having threesomes with them.

She also made a couple of trans phobic comments. Cardi has since come out to apologize for her actions.

Should Cardi B be prosecuted for her actions? Would it be a double standard if people like #rkelly and #billcosby get jail time and Cardi doesn’t?

Cardi B Reveals Drugging Men For Money

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