Cambridge Genetics Scientist Who Decode  Human Genome, John Sulston  Dead At 75

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Cambridge Genetics Scientist Who Decode  Human Genome, John Sulston  Dead At 75

A Cambridge-born scientist, John who won the Nobel Prize for one of the world’s greatest medical breakthroughs has died on March 6 in his 70s.

Born in Cambridge in 1942, graduated in chemistry from Pembroke College in 1963 and went on to do a PhD at Cambridge University’s Department of Chemistry.

John Sulston’s Works:

He worked on one of the lowliest of nature’s creatures, which provided insights into the genetic processes by which human beings develop,  also led the British effort to decode the human genome.

John Sulston’s work, which ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President Bill Clinton jointly announced had been completed in draft form in the early 2000s, now plays a vital role in research into eradicating the worst diseases afflicting mankind.

Sir John Sulston pictured at his laboratory at the Wellcome Trust

His Nobel in physiology/medicine came in 2002 for painstaking observation of the development of every one of the thousand-odd cells of a nematode, C. Elegans, a worm only a fraction of an inch in length, a project which took decades to complete.

In the 1960s he worked as a researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in America, and then after meeting DNA pioneers Francis Crick and Sydney Brenner in Cambridge, he decided to come back to Cambridge to do biological research at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

John Sulston’s Marriage

Married Daphne Bate, a fellow research student in Cambridge. They got married in 1966 with two children.

Their first child, Ingrid, was born in La Jolla in 1967, and their second, Adrian, later in England. Sulston’s grandson Micah was born in 2001, followed by his granddaughter Kira in 2003. The couple lived in Stapleford, Cambridgeshire where they were active members of the local community



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