Buhari, Truly A Product Of The Under Aged And Electoral Fraud – Omenihu Jackson Hope

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Buhari, Truly A Product Of The Under Aged And Electoral Fraud – Omenihu Jackson Hope.

Facebook user, Omenihu Jackson Hope has expressed how disappointed he is in the Buhari government and calls on Nigerians to wake up from slumber and grab the opportunity to be free from estranged government.


He wrote:

Taking a view of the videos and pictures of what actually happened in Kano and Katsina over the weekend in the name of elections, no one would agree less with me on this piece.

After the announcement of 2015 presidential results especially from Kano State where president Buhari polled almost two million votes as against his major rival, who was an incumbent president, Dr Good luck Jonathan.

It actually beat my imaginations that I was wondering how much in “unelectable individual”, could win such number of votes.

Kano Election

But with what actually happened on Saturday in Kano, I’m now convinced of how this OCTOGENARIAN scored these vote and subsequently declare thereof the election.

Thanks to Social Media and 21-century information gadgets and materials, I don’t think how the world would have been in the know of this fraud and broad day stealing in the name of elections.

I think it’s now incumbent on the electoral body to do the needful by swinging into action and arrest this ugly situation.

Kano election and its voting citizens

President Buhari and his failed political party, APC, knowing they have failed Nigerians, are actually banking on this sham to sneak back to the seat of power in 2019.

Nigerians should wake up against this fraud.

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