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Actress Wumi Toriola calls out Laide Olabanji for rape after he trolled Pastor Fatoyinbo

Actress Wumi Toriola has called out movie director, Laide Olabanji who she accused of rape after he trolled Pastor Fatoyinbo.

Laide Olabanji had shared a video, in which Pastor Fatoyinbo stated that out of the mouth of two to three witnesses the truth is established.

However Laide Olabanji got called out by Wumi Toriola who accused him rape, shortly after he trolled on Pastor Fatoyinbo. The actress who admitted that she was not underaged at that time, revealed that the movie director tried to rape her all in the name of giving her a movie role. She wrote;

RAPE is morally a serious offence to humanity and by Law ,its a criminal offence which is punishable under the Law….My grief is on Morals of those who live in glass house throwing stones,i was almost a victim by a said producer,and i see him posting memes about the pastor saga, i then ask myself, does he think he is not guilty,did he even know the magnitude of what he tried to do to me????

yes ,i was not underaged but my CONSENT was very important,you tried to rape me in the name of giving a movie role…Bro,pls for now,you are not an Ambassador for say NO TO RAPE, i put it to you that you are a culprit and does not deserve to put mouth in matters pertaining to RAPE..

Some will say,”what if he has changed,or repented???yes he might have but he should have either kept his cool because some of us the victims wont FORGET,i am angry he is thinking he is right @laideolabanji pls pull down the video sir,you are not worthy by all standards to make jest when you are the owner of the table sir.

Actress Wumi Toriola calls out Laide Olabanji for rape

Other actress who confirmed the rape claim, further shared their experience with the movie director. Funmi Awelewa wrote;

I Heard A lot about this same Uncle @laideolabanji He called me for job and I told a friend and My friend said; Funmi To ba lo O ma Rape e Meaning (If You Go He Will Rape You) I was like, Bro I am Booked for that Date sir. God Bless You for speaking out Babe @wumitoriola 🙌 #SayNoToRape I am coming back to mention Names. Olumba is also on this Table. Awon Agbaya Oshi

Kemi Afolabi wrote;

So he tried to RAPE you too🙄? @wumitoriolaNow I regret not calling him out earlier😡😡😡yours and other victims could have been prevented!!! @laideolabanji your days of molesting, harassing & rapping ladies are numbered. Your cup is full.

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